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Our post is also mentioned every day on radio stations 93.3FM
and 99.3FM  WRFR-LP.American Legion Post 1
P.O. Box 582
Phone 207-594-2901
Our E-mail address is post1rockme@gmail.com

Legion Events may be found on Maine Coast T.V. Channels 7 or 1301

If you would like the newsletter e-mailed to you, please send an e-mail addressed to: legionpost1@hotmail.com. Include your full name and organization so we can remove you
from our postage mailing list!

There will be representatives from the Veterans Administration (VA) at the post on February 18th at 5:00 PM. If you have questions or are interested in obtaining information on what the VA has to offer, please come to the Town Hall Meeting.

The Officer Election sheet is posted on the Bulletin Board. If you’re interested in running for an elected position, please stop by and sign up.

Membership dues are due! Please stop in or mail your payment today. There will be new door access cards available February 1st.

Dance- Borderline Express Feb 22nd 7-11 PM
Dance- Mainely Country Feb 29th 7-11 PM
Coffee Group Feb 10th & 24th 8 AM
Book Group Feb 11th,18th, 25th 5:30 PM
VA Town Hall Feb 18th 5:00 PM
Red Cross Blood Drive Feb 27th 12:30-7 PM
Dinner Fridays 5-7 PM
Karaoke Fridays 7-10 PM
Bingo Mondays 6:30PM

As we transition into February I find it note worthy to mention the fabulous New Year's Eve party we had at our post this year. We had on or about 150 people. Great fun was had by all.

Since Bingo has been doing well, we're getting a few more volunteers at the Post. Thank you! I would be remiss if I didn't address a House Rule that at times is not being adhered to. If you have a guest enter the
Post, you are 100% responsible for their actions. This is something that I feel needs to be taken seriously and we need to take a very good look at this. Stop and think about it this way...would I want them to behave this way in my home? If you need a refresher on the House Rules, they are posted on the bulletin board and or you can obtain a copy from the Adjutant.

We're looking forward to the flagpole and brick walkway dedications. Please look to future newsletters for updates and how you can help with the ceremonies. I/ we want to welcome Bill Lawry back, his surgery was successful and we're glad to see him on the mend and back at the Post.

Yours in Service, Shawn Driscoll, Post Commander 

Good morning ladies, hope this finds all is well with everyone. It’s a good day to stay in with a cup of hot cocoa. I have the day off due to weather so to the newsletter. We want to welcome Katie Winchenbach to our Auxiliary. She is a transfer from Waldoboro. We will be off to winter conference on Saturday; weather
permitting. I hope to come back with some good ideas. It is getting close to election of officers, I hope there will be some to come up and run.

I am stepping down after 5 years. I have enjoyed it all and everyone has been so supportive of me, I will stop as I get too emotional. We have invited our District Vice President for our March meeting. Our love goes out to anyone who is not feeling well.

May, we’re always thinking of you and Helena is having trouble with her leg, and Kristi she was not feeling well and anyone else I have forgotten. All take care until the next meeting which is February 5 at

As always, Dodie 675-6015 dodiemarie46@icloud.com

Our Quilts of Gratitude needs quilters to sew quilts for Veterans. In the last seven years, we have presented 175 quilts to Veterans who have served during wartime on foreign soil. We still have over 50 on our list and we would very much appreciate the help. I am also willing to teach anyone who has the desire to learn.  Thank you for considering this worthwhile endeavor. Pat Johnston. P.O.C. 207-563-2239 or pjohns@tidewater.com

DUES, DUES 2020 Dues are due, so if you haven’t paid by the end of January 2020, you will not be allowed in the post.

The Legion needs volunteers to make the Post profitable, so if you would like to help see an officer at the post. I would like to thank every person who bought and worked on all the Raffles that the committee had last year, it was very well received, thank you again. If you have some ideas for fundraisers feel free to come to a SAL meeting which is the second Thursday of every month at 5:30 pm at the post.

The town hall meeting with the Veterans Administration on February 18th is for ALL members. If you have questions or concerns, please join in!

Yours in Service, Eric Perry, SAL Commander

Greetings all.
As I write this newsletter it is colder than a well digger’s butt, and we are expecting more snow. Welcome back to winter. Well, we had another great turnout for our January meeting, thank you everyone for coming out. We had a new member join us. Welcome aboard Dan McPhee. We are doing a gun raffle to raise money.

Our next meeting will be at Darby’s in Belfast on the 12th at 6 pm. Well that’s about it for now, see you next month. Keep those shovels handy, and keep thinking spring.

Ride Safe - Ride Often- Director/Road Captain, Garry Collins

Hello All!
The New Year’s Eve party was a fantastic event and people had a great time I’m told. I personally do not stay up for it, many reasons why. The holidays are behind us now and we start a new year at the Post.
Post Officer sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board near the restrooms at the post for anyone who may be thinking of becoming one. If you have thought about it in the past maybe now is the time to get your name on there! More voices bring new ideas for the success of the Post. A challenge to everyone out there!

Our last members meeting had a very good turnout! Let’s keep this up. Some members proposed ideas and were voted on. The meeting minutes are posted on the bulletin board each month. 

As the Post 1 Historian I have learned a few things this past year.
1) I can’t be at every event. So if someone else does go and take pictures please pass them on to me or the membership.
2) I have a hard time getting and remembering names of people. I have to work on this!!! Recording events need to have the correct names of people. History will not forgive me. So bear with me and make sure I write your names down and record it properly.
3) I need to wear my hearing aids at meetings and events; it may help me with number 2 above.
4) Keeping track of the Post history is important! Without it we will not know where we came from and learn from our mistakes and our victories.
5) Keeping track of everything we do is not as easy as I thought. Putting pictures and newspaper articles in an album is only part of it. Getting it right is even harder.
I hope I can use this to make me a better Historian for our Post this year. I guess these are some of my New Year’s resolutions. I look forward to recording our present for the future. I’m looking forward to seeing more people for our coffee time; it is fun to just drink coffee and talk. The Post Book Group is starting in January; I’ll pass more info on it next month.
Happy History

Historically Speaking, Bob Rugar, Post Historian

The Book Group met on January 21st. It was a great time with invigorating conversation. If anyone would like to join, we encourage you to come partake in the comradeship and discuss the interesting book “The Things they Carry” by Tim O’Brien.

> Veteran population: 105,385 (9.7% of adult pop.)
> Vietnam War veterans: 41,119 (39% of veterans -- 5th highest)
> Veterans with a disability: 30,158 (29.3% of veterans -- 23rd highest)
> Veteran labor force participation rate: 71.1% -- 4th lowest
> Veterans living in poverty: 5.9% -- 14th lowest